Audioscrobbler Plugin for Pier

This is an audioscrobbler plugin for Pier.

  • It provies a Seaside component that can be embed into your Pier CMS.
  • Magritte is used for XML data binding.
  • Traits are used to compose cretain aspects of the model.
  • Optionally the Curl Plugin can be used instead of the abomination that is HTTPSocket.
  • It has a built-in cache that makes sure requests are served quickly and you don't exceed your 1 request per second limit.



  1. To go and add it as a repository to Monticello.
  2. Load the latest code.
  3. Add a component with a component class 'Audioscrobbler Widget'.
  4. Optionally embed it in the environment.
  5. Click 'Settings' and set the user to your account name.

Supported Data

  • Top Artists
  • Top Albums
  • Top Tracks
  • Top Tags
  • Recent Tracks
  • Recent Banned Tracks
  • Recent Loved Tracks
  • Weekly Artist Chart
  • Weekly Album Chart
  • Weekly Track Chart



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