Feel free to add applications below:

Audioscrobbler plugin required:

Ares Galaxy P2P Program - http://aresgalaxy.sourceforge.net/

Write a plugin for Gstreamer that creates a SRC that allows streaming from last.fm, there are some ideas, last-exit...

Sigmatel-Based MP3 Players -examples are LG mp3-players, and chinese manufactured (hard idea, because requires some firmware editing skills)

WinXP reparse filter or API hook to monitor .mp3 access. < this is like scrobble on any player opened and playing mp3s? , cool idea will be an audioscrobbler.net background service for XP

iPod (syncing tracks I listen to when offline) - plugins available

the same for other portable players, e.g. PocketPC player (MortPlayer?)

AIMP2 - a player with outstanding playback sound quality.

Playstation 3

Twonkyvision DLNA Mediaserver - http://www.twonkyvision.de

MediaMonkey? - http://www.mediamonkey.com/


Creative MediaSource? Organizer/Player

Creative Zen Touch 40 gig offline plug???

Yahoo Music Engine

Pandora, screenshot > ocr anyone? packet sniffing?

gtkpod (to update your audioscrobbler profile when syncing the iPod)

VLC Media Player

XMPlay - see http://support.xmplay.com/file_comment.php?id=483 use google



Native Instruments Traktor

Media Player Classic: this will be good...

MusicMatch? Jukebox

Teen Spirit - http://teenspirit.artificialspirit.com/

Core Media Player

mplayer / gmplayer

amarok full integration - view recent tracks in playlist, etc. would also easily provide a "now playing" for nearly all Linux IM programs.


S60 native player

firefly media server (just like the slim server)


Audioscrobbler plugin for Logitech's Wireless DJ (kind of a poor man's Sonos system). They use a software called "Streampoint". Anyone?

Songza - http://songza.com

Other Scrobbler features required:

Winamp plugin telling which artists tagged with a given tag are present in the media library.

Submit Genre and/or tags with track info

show last track(s):

MSN Messenger


other IMs

AIM profile

Wiki Page Requests:

How To:

Instructions about how to PHP parse RSS, XML, plain text feeds for presentation on other webpages.