Version: 2.03
Created by: Robert Bleeker
last.fm user: rbleeker

Updated: rbleeker ( 2006-05-11) -- new versions 2.03
Updated: rbleeker ( 2006-03-28) -- new versions 2.02
Updated: rbleeker ( 2006-02-22) -- new versions 2.01

New lfmDisplayer Group


There are 3 versions of the Flash based lfmDisplayer, one for your website, and stand-alone versions for both Mac and Windows.

The artist name and album title field uses your system font, so it can display cyrillic type characters. Currently set to use 'Arial', not sure what happens if your system doesn't have the recommended font installed.

Although not tested on many systems, the stand-alone versions should work on Mac OS9/OSX, Windows 98/NT-SP6a/XP, where the web version should work an any system that can display Flash 8 contents.

  • For the Web version ONLY, you can now set what listing will be the default display, look at the sample HTML file and see where the Flash Variable is called "defaultList=0" and it can be 0 to 5, these numbers correspond to the list inside the drop-down menu, where 0 is the "Recent Tracks" etc.
  • It can display any number of results in the window, either "Recent Tracks," "Top Albums," "Top Artists," "Top Tracks," "Weekly Top Artists," and "Weekly Top Tracks" selectable via a drop down menu.
  • Now with streaming audio preview on any of the Track listings, where available. Click the little speaker icon and the audio will start loading and playing, a small '?' appears if there is no stream available for a selected track. (this code uses a Beta section of last.fm, so may stop working if they make any site changes)
  • You can increase the height of the displayer and it will display more listings and Neighbours to match.
  • You can also adjust the width to suit maybe your blog page.
  • It has a "Profile" listing along the right hand side. Nice seeing the playcount.
  • It displays the current username and their "Friends" and "Neighbours", whos lists you can view by selecting their names. You can get back to the main user lists by clicking the always visible users name at top right of interface.
  • Hover your mouse pointer over the small Nieghbour icons to pop-up their Avatar image if available.

The displayer is set to auto update every minute, which should be often enough to get a fairly recent tracks listing.

Download the version you are interested in and read the 'readme.txt' file, so you know how to make it display your own data.

The height and width settings can be whatever you prefer, 280 pixels height will show 10 listings. The more height the more listings.

Due to security settings in the new Flash player (local versions only), you now set your username in the field that says "Username Here" and then click the little icon in front of the Username field. So, no more external text file required.

enjoy, Robert Bleeker


Any files that may be included in the ZIP archive that start with an underscore or a dot, you can ignore or delete, as they are just added through my Mac OSX archiving routine. Blame Apple for that.

Web version

Mac stand-alone version

Windows stand-alone version

Version History

Version: 2.03

  • added the ability to resize the width.
  • fixed the friends list not showing in the stand-alone versions.

Version: 2.02

  • added the ability to set the default list for the Web version, via FlashVar? in the Object/Embed tag of the HTML.
  • added a feature to fix a security issue with the local flash version not being able to read the 'username.txt' file and have network access at the same time, by now allowing the user to input their username via the 'Username Here' text field.

Version: 2.01

  • added streaming audio preview for any of the Track listings. (this code uses a Beta section of last.fm, so may stop working if they make any site changes)
  • added pop-up Avatar images when hover mouse over small Nieghbour icons.
  • added the height resizing functionality to the right-hand accordion panels as well, i.e. more height - more Neighbours.

Version 2.03 screen: Version 2.03 screen