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Player specific


Amarok native implementation


Ampache Natively implemented as of 3.3.3
Last.FM Plugin

BMP Scrobbler/Radio native impl. (main code)


Post.FM is a Perl script that submits information about your currently played track to Last.FM / Audioscrobbler. It's primarily made for CMUS, a ncurses based music player, but could be used as a general purpose scrobbler with only minor modifications.


dbPowerAMP Audioscrobbler Plugin, a .NET application which monitors track plays in the dbPowerAMP player and submits them to

Foobar2000 1.0.*'s component - Scrobbler compatible with versions 9.4 and up. Uses client.
Florian's component - Scrobbler independent of client. All it does is scrobble. radio component - Does not scrobble.
foo_softplaylists component - Can love tracks on and has some playlist functions.


Native support written in C, using libcurl


iPodScrobbler, a Python script to upload track info listened to on your iPod while you were offline. Works with Windows, Linux, MacOS. Has a nice Python class for uploading to audioscrobbler that can be easily re-used to build your own Python plugin.


Jinzora The AS-plugin support thread

LastFM Firefox Extension

LastFM Firefox Extension


A full-featured, eye-candy HTPC application shipping with audioscrobbler support, dynamic playlists and a radio stream plugin.


Official audioscrobbler plugin for Mesk, a PyGtk audio player.


mp3blstr2dscrbblr is a shell script using the perl based Audio-Scrobbler to submit tracks from mp3blaster.


mpdscribble, 'plugin' for music player daemon.
mpdscrobbler, Python mpd 'plugin'


Patch to let mpg321 use scrobbler-helper, a perl scrobbler script.


Muine Audioscrobbler plugin


Audioscrobbler Plugin for Rhapsody, a program that monitors tracks played in the Rhapsody client and submits them to Audioscrobbler.

Roku Soundbridge

sbPopper scrobbles songs playing on your Soundbridge. Works with the client for Windows to send tracks to Audiosctrobbler.

Quod Libet

Quod Libet Plugin “QLScrobbler”, officially maintained plugin written in Python.


RhythmBox Plugin, including .ebuilds for Gentoo
Mailing list post with cvs patch to give rb native scrobbler support


SlimScrobbler Plugin for Slimserver
Slim Devices Website - Home of the Squeezebox2


jScrobbler, Java client


wiki.videolan, A Audioscrobbler VLC Plug-in for the social music network Last.Fm

Plugin is finished, now part of vlc 0.9.0 (development version).


Upstream development just taken over by Brett Parker, new release with some bug fixes avaiable. Tarball of XMMS-Scrobbler 0.4.0


xmms2-scrobbler, a ruby xmms2, client.



lastfmsubmitd, a daemon which works similarly to the player on Windows. The daemon deals with submissions; plugins for individual players only have to send information to the daemon, without worrying about network code, caching and so on. A "LastMP" client is supplied for mpd, and "lastcd" for submitting CDs that you have played in old-fangled "hi-fis".