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The Great Plugin Code Hunt

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Scripts & Information

Last.fm Spring Graph (Processing sketch)
View artist similarity data for the top artists of multiple users as an animated spring graph that evolves over time. See how styles overlap and what odd things users share a taste for. Creative Commons licensed with full source code available. Written using Processing, runs under Java.

Wandora is a general purpose knowledge extraction and management application capable to read and convert last.fm data feeds to topic maps. Wandora suits well for knowledge mashups combining last.fm and youtube data feeds for example. Wandora's license is GPL. Wandora requires Java 1.6.

A greasemonkey script for Firefox that Submits the music you listen to on muxtape.com to last.fm

eBay search
Find music on eBay. Search eBay for your Last.fm recent/recommended artists at www.exitahead.co.uk

Java Visualization tool for the lastfm database.

Java API for Audioscrobbler Protocols and Web Services.

Graph-based user interface to artist-similarity-relations allowing zooming (mouse wheel), expanding (double click) and listening to artists. Requires Firefox, Java 1.6 and Flash

A Perl module which implements an object-oriented interface to the Audioscrobbler WebServices API. Although it's not a complete implementation yet, many data feeds are already supported and as of version 0.04 it can fully cache requests (meaning it's faster and doesn't overload Audioscrobbler servers).

Object Oriented Java API for Audioscrobbler Web Services. Author: Serkan Kaba

LastFmLib?.Net is a DLL for managed .Net(e.g. VB, C#) which is a complete port of the web services and the Audioscrobbler 1.2 from the original client's source code(with slightly changes. It fully meets the scrobbler specifications and is, through three central classes, really easy to use. In addition it contains(will contain) REALLY all web requests, too. So if you want to do something with the web services - e.g. scrobbling, get artist/album/track information, radio functions, (un)love/(un)ban tracks - in VB.Net or C#, here you've got pandora's box to reach your goal. Author: Tobias B.

Last.fm for Joomla!
A Modul for the Joomla! CMS (written in PHP)- requires SimpleXML, which is available in PHP5.

This program will tag genre for all your mp3 files with information from Last.fm

A desktop app for windows that uses information from Last.fm to create music playlists using a local music collection.

Last.fm Playcount Badge
Show off your playcount with the newest badge generator around!

Last.fm favorite artists cloud
This WordPress? plugin will grab your favorite artists and display them in a nifty cloud similar to all those other "tag clouds" you see on so many sites these days.

Yet another WordPress? plugin, this time with AJAXrefreshing(tm) (supports widgets plugin)

Flash Last.fm Artist and Album Displayer
This is a Flash Component that displays your "Recent Tracks" or "Top Tracks" and album images.

Perl module that retrieves (and caches) Similar Artist information.

Flash lfmDisplayer
Flash player that shows any number of entries of either "Recent Tracks," "Top Albums," "Top Artists," "Top Tracks," "Weekly Top Artists," "Weekly Top Tracks," and links to "Friends and "Neighbours" listings.

Coldfusion "Now Playing" script. Uses scope caching.

Small PHP script for displaying last played tracks.

Self-explanatory, and relatively robust, PHP script.

How to put your recent tracks onto your blog (or any other webpage)

Last.fm Info with PHP
Another way to get recent tracks into your blog without a feedburner account or cron jobs -- now can display any of audioscrobbler's text-based lists, including top artists and top tags, along with functionality to turn lists into proper HTML lists.

Last.fm Xml data mining in PHP
Based on Last.fm Info with PHP, uses PHP 5 DOM classes to parse most of the audioscrobbler xml webservices, which are much more diverse than the standard text files.

Last.fm Recent Tracks
Yet another PHP script to display latest tracks. This one parses the RSS feed with Magpie. Very simple setup.

Signature Image Recent Tracks
A normal Image PHP script that also displays latest tracks (when RSS has them). Also uses Magpie & Your RSS. Doesn't dispaly Time/Date, easy customization.

Ajax Powered Last.FM Data Reader
A script for those of you who like the idea of live feeding. Author: pirana0
Source: Click Here

Buttons and Banners
Official images for linking to Last.fm from your blog / site.

Wishlist of applications that need Scrobbler support.

Chart Changes GreaseMonkey Script
A script for Firefox that adds chart position changes to user info pages and the chart archives.

Wordpress Recent Tracks Plugin
Display your recent tracks on your wordpress blog.

EZ Scrobbler 1.6
Another Wordpress plugin to display recent, weekly, and top track information in a WordPress? blog.

DokuWiki Last.fm Plugin
Display almost all of your Last.fm Statistics in your DokuWiki

B2evolution Last.fm Plugin
Adds Last.fm functionality into your b2evolution blogging system.

dasBlog Recent Tracks Macro/Plugin
Display your recent tracks on your dasBlog blog. Source code included.

Google Desktop Plugin
Adds a Audioscrobbler panel to Google Desktop

iTunes Store file validator
Automatically fill empty Genre tags with the most popular tag for the song according to Last.fm, ReverseScrobble? - Update PlayedCount? in iTunes using Last.fm profile data.

Zend Framework component for Audioscrobbler
Component for accessing the Audioscrobbler web services when building PHP-based applications with the Zend Framework.

Last.fm tagcloud for textpattern
This plugin shows diferent tagclouds for an user with the data from audioscrobbler in the textpattern content management system. You can select the number of elements in the tag and the information showed, like artists, tracks, album, etc.

Pier Plugin
An audioscrobbler plugin for Pier.

Ruby application which allows for more dynamic playlist creation based on data acquired from AudioScrobbler site

Exploring musical preferences with tag clouds
Here's a way to describe one's musical preferences, with a tag cloud. For a user, find her top artists. For each of these artists, find the top tags used by all of Last.fm to describe that artist. The aggregate of these tags can be displayed as a tag cloud, with a tag's size weighted by the popularity of the artist in one's profile, and the popularity of the tags for those users. The resulting tag cloud gives a very clear representation of a user's musical preferences, and can be used as a basis to datamine artists that fit into this representation of one's musical profile. As an example, you can work the other way around, finding artists that adhere to the tag cloud. --Anthony Liekens

Applescript Folksonomy (genre tagger for Mac Users)
Here's a little script to tag the genre field for your itunes tracks.

Habari Last.fm Plugin
This plugin allow you to display the album cover art from your recent played tracks on your Habari page.

Exterior Links

A C++.NET wrapper around the standard AudioScrobbler libraries. Used in TouchCopy?, an app that plays/copies music from an iPod.

Love or Ban Tracks and add Artists, Albums or Tracks to tags in your Last.fm account by submitting tracks you've got on your computer.

Last.fm Tools
Create various charts based on friends, display a friend graph, show the chain between two users or draw a similar artist map.

Album Art Cloud
A new twist on the classic tag cloud. Instead of using tags, this resizes the album art based on how often you listen to that album. Here is an example art cloud. Note: this was originally developed for Musicmobs, but today I ported it to Last.fm.

Music Intersector
Takes the top artists of two users and tells you which bands both of them like.

Denness Sigs
Complimentary and easy-to-use Recently Played Image-- donations purchase more features.

Image Sig
Image signatures with actual image backgrounds hosted here, also free.

Web application that allows you to listen to your Pandora.com radio stations, submit tracks to Last.FM, Tag, Recommend and listen to your newly built Last.FM tag stations right from the interface.

Last.fm Image Signatures Group
"This group is the place to discuss problems or ask questions about the Image Signatures."

Another PHP script for recently played track image generation.

A very simple PHP script to display your Recent Tracks on your blog or website.

Very Simple Python script to display your most recent track on your Matrix Orbital LCD

PyS60 Scrobbler A couple of scripts that display related artists and top tracks & artists from a S60 smartphone (uses Python for S60)

phpScrobbler 0.71
A PHP class to display (e. g.) your recent tracks, top artists and weekly top tracks. This one uses the XML data, supports international characters and is highly modifiable.

PHP Last.fm Audioscrobbler client class with caching support. Allows retrieving as array: recent tracks, friends, neighbours, profile, top 50 (tracks, albums, artists, tags), latest week top (tracks, albums, artists).

xatScrobbler v0.1
A simple PHP class library for accessing Similar Artists over the Audioscrobbler Webservice. Caching is supported and some sample code is availible too.

Musical Taste Overlap
A snippet of python code to find out what Artists two users have in common.

Actionscript based signature generator. Includes simple php cache script and ant build file. Can be compiled with open source tools. No Flash IDE needed.

Google Personalized HomePage Module
This xml file is used to add your recently play'd users/tracks images from the last.fm/onyoursite section on your google home page.

lastsig - Free Image Service
Free hosting of dynamic image signatures which can be customised to suit your needs! Now with album-art supported images.

Last.fm signature picture (en) (de)
Tiny most-recently-played-track signature images

Searches Upcoming.org for forthcoming gigs for your top 50 artists.

All Crazy Style.com
A mashup which keeps track of the artists you listen to and lets you know when they are coming to any of your Upcoming.org metros.

A script to show what artists are popular among your neighbours, but not popular with you. Can be handy for finding new music

MSN Messenger
Applications that grab the latest track information from Audioscrobbler and show it as 'Now Playing' information on MSN or Windows Live messenger.

A tool for creating xmms2 playlists out of Last.fm charts. Written in python and contains a nice class for retreiving data from Last.fm's webservices.

Last.fm Tag Cloud
Creates a 'tag cloud' of all the tags a user has in their profile, and weights them by how many times each tag occurs. Source code can be downloaded and edited, or the user can check out their cloud on the site.

Audioscrobbler WTAC (Alpha 1.0.2)
a web widget written mainly in PHP and XSL which displays a chart of your current week's top artists based on the Audioscrobbler XML feed.
(This is still a very rough alpha which might be difficult for users to implement on their own sites. I intend for the beta release to be much easier to customize and deploy, so please bear with me.)

Last.fm Eggdrop Script (2.0rc1)
This is an eggdrop script written in tcl using a php backend (u can use the provided one). It posts various informations (recent played tracks, weeklytoptracks, weeklytopartists, topalbums, topartists, toptracks, friends, playcount) from any Last.fm user on your channel. Tested under eggdrop 1.6.18 on a linux box. Feel free to contact me about bugs or feature requests.

Last.fm cover artwork memory game
Play memory with the cover artworks of your or your friends all time top 8 albums.

Wordpress plugin Last.fm Records
Show covers on your Wordpress weblog for cds you listened to recently.

Intelligent Music Scheduler Scans your music and generates intelligent playlists. Uses the audioscrobbler data for genres and similar artists. Windows (ims_setup.exe) and Linux versions available (open source)

Last.fm for mp3tunes.com?

Compares the average listener count of your top10-bands to that of the top10-bands of all users.

Music Artist Cloud
Just enter your favourite artist and get a 'tag cloud' with similar artists. It was never easier to find other artists you will like ! This is a tech demo in alpha.

User profile tag cloud
Given your username, this web script generates a musical tag cloud compiled of your top artists' top tags. The script generates BBCode, so you can add the tag cloud to your posts, profile details, or signature.

Group Mapper
Given any group name, parses its Demographics Data(i.e. where members of this group live) and puts it onto the Google Maps powered page.

Neighbour Cloud
Displays a Neighbour Cloud for any Last.fm user. Also can compare Neighbours of two given users and display results(common neighbours between two users) as a tag cloud as well.

Normalised Rankings Generator
Takes a Last.fm username and recalculates favourite artist rankings based on the estimated time you have spent listening to them, rather than the number of tracks played. Uses Last.fm data feeds and Musicbrainz web services.

Musicbrainz' PicardQt's Last.fm plugin
Uses artist's (or track's) tags on Last.fm to set them as genre field in your music files.

Last.fm powered music discovery - for the iPhone
"Oatmeal" is a music exploration and discovery tool that utilizes Last.fm similar artist data and SeeqPod? audio search results to help users discover new artists and music based on artists they already know and love.

Rename Last.fm tag (Python script)
A relatively simple script for renaming user tags. Can be useful if you need to fix misnamed tags. This script written in Python and doesn't have any external dependencies besides standard library (xmlrpclib, httplib, HTMLParser, md5).

Java library and analysis toolkit
A framework for analyzing social data and/or content. It contains a crawler with an api for crawling LastFM webservices. Included are a number of analysis algorithms for utilizing the social data collected.